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Roger announces new advisory boards aimed at solving real world business challenges for carriers, shippers and brokers.

The dry bulk transportation industry has had to face multiple challenges in the last few years. Carriers, shippers and brokers are under intense pressure to do more with less. This heightened demand has changed the way our industry operates and many of the processes we have relied on for so long are outdated and inefficient. 

The industry needed a technology partner to solve real problems and move businesses forward. That’s how Roger began – with a room full of carriers who knew something had to change. We brought together some of the industry’s most knowledgeable carriers, shippers and brokers to tackle every stage of the hauling process.

We strive to always be one step ahead. To listen to those who work in and know the industry best.

And that’s what we’re committed to doing today.

Roger is excited to officially announce its new advisory boards that will work towards bringing greater efficiency and profitability to dry bulk transportation businesses. Each board will focus on identifying real challenges faced by carriers, shippers and brokers.

The first of these, the Carrier Advisory Board, had its first meeting on December 1 and will meet quarterly. Consisting of businesses that range from small owner-operators to larger carriers, the board will discuss the state of the industry and design and test new products before they go to market.

“By identifying carrier specific pain points, we have the opportunity to create solutions that actually solve problems with the help of those who know them best,” said Jay Weber, General Manager of Commercial at Roger.

In 2023, Roger will kick off additional advisory boards that will focus on other neglected areas within the industry. These boards will consist primarily of members who are making decisions across all business levels.

Although each board will focus on its respective expertise, all members will come together throughout the year to discuss solutions that support the industry.

“The success of Roger and the industry these boards represent is dependent on each other,” said Weber. “Our goal is to create technology solutions that will prepare our industry for new challenges and what’s coming next.”

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