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Roger is on a mission to bring transparency to bulk freight truck commerce through an unbiased platform and digital tools that benefit everyone.

Roger’s story.

The idea for Roger stemmed from one revolutionary question: Why does bulk freight trucking have to be so complicated? To answer it, these six charter members pooled their expertise and their funds to build a common solution that would open market access and digitize supply chains. Together, they’re helping shippers and carriers unlock the power of their bulk freight networks like never before.

“Roger solves real problems for truckers–like making payments faster and easier–because every feature has been built based on carrier feedback from across the industry.”

Jeff Schreiner, CEO

Media kit.

Roger is built for revolutionizing the way bulk freight shippers and carriers work together. Watch the product video and download the media kit materials to learn more.

Media contact: Megan Belt
Number: 402-829-8051

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