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Roger is driving dry bulk trucking into the future with innovative technology that adds efficiency to every haul.

Meet your new favorite co‑pilot.

Roger handles your day-to-day needs and expands your business opportunities for tomorrow. From faster payments to in-app deal-making and hyperaccurate directions, our digital app and desktop version are built to solve the challenges you face on the road.

Innovative features put digital in the driver's seat

Find your next deal

Start by reviewing opportunities from the industry’s top shippers or listing your excess capacity in Roger Deals. Powerful negotiation and communication tools make it easy to build relationships and grow your network, all while finding the hauls that best fit your business.

Get on the road faster

Receive dispatch directly from shippers with Roger Hauls. All the details you need are in one place, so you’re ready to roll ASAP.

Say goodbye to “What’s your ETA?” calls & texts

Get turn-by-turn directions, even in the most remote drop-off locations. Live mapping automatically connects with origins and destinations to eliminate unnecessary calls and texts.

Use the tools that work for you

Carrier admins have access to Roger on their desktops or mobile app. Truckers can keep in touch on the road with the digital app.

Ditch manual data entry

No more collecting, organizing and submitting paperwork. Just snap a photo of your origin and destination tickets and get paid faster with digital information capture.

“Roger has endless possibilities and functionalities. The visibility of dispatching is priceless. At any given second, a customer or dispatcher can see exactly where the carrier is in the process of executing the load.”

Ryan Napier, Scoular

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