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Need for compliant carriers made indisputable by national trucking shortage
Written by: Mara Jorgensen

Since 2020, the world has seen intense pressure on the supply chain industry, making it even more difficult for grain shippers to find reliable and compliant drivers. Carriers are in high demand and expected to react to loads quickly.

National agencies, such as the American Trucking Association, agree that there is a sense of urgency to help expedite the constraints on carriers. Drivers and trucks are in short supply and many previously employed carriers are strained by high fuel prices and high cost of maintenances. An FMCSA Compliance and Safety Data Statistics report shared that on July 5, 2022, there were 619,243 carriers with dangerous driving BASIC scores. Of those carriers, 41,867 had alerts and were over threshold. By tapping the expertise of five major bulk trucking shippers, we found that roughly 70% of received certificates of insurance were non-compliant or erroneous upon first review.

With this high of risk, we have a huge opportunity as an industry to help with bulk haul compliance. That’s why we took some of the biggest bulk hauling sourcing headaches (W-9 hauling contracts, Certificates of Insurance, and hauling agreements – just to name a few) away from shippers and created a simple onboarding and compliance tool called Roger onRamp. The tool quickly connects shippers with pre-vetted carriers that meet their hauling requirements. It automates carrier compliance by organizing Hauling Contracts, Certificates of Insurance and safety ratings to reduce overall risk and help shippers seal deals faster. Carriers can simply create a profile and upload all their required documents to one platform (partnered with myCOI). This reduces the amount of redundant paperwork carriers endure when working with several shippers.

Roger onRamp, partnered with myCOI, automates the process of insurance compliance by guaranteeing paperwork is up to date and fully compliant. In addition, Roger onRamp provides updated safety statuses via the FMCSA twice a month. This process seamlessly integrates with each new carrier added, allowing shippers to identify non-compliant carriers and reducing overall risk. With nearly 10% of bulk haul carriers on Roger, many have already felt the benefits of Roger onRamp in their compliance management efforts. Shippers who use the platform, for example, continue to reduce risk and save on insurance premiums all while increasing the number of compliant carriers they have onboard.

At Roger, our team works hard to find innovative solutions to drive your business forward and leave inefficiencies in the dust. We’ve only touched the surface and we’re not stopping there.

To learn more about how onRamp is supporting today’s shippers, please visit: or email me at

About the Author:

Mara Jorgensen is the product owner of Roger’s newest compliance platform, Roger onRamp. She provides strategic solutions for the bulk ag network and works to reduce compliance risk for shippers and carriers. 

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