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Meet Roger®. Technology that keeps dry bulk freight moving.

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Unlock the power of your dry bulk freight network with a game-changing app and digital dashboard.

Never file tickets again.

Digitize everything to save time on administrative work.

Follow along in real time.

Track every load in progress, from dispatch to payment.

Adopt the new industry standard.

Use the same terminology to simplify communication.

Experience true transparency.

Everyone involved in a load can see all of its details.

Connect faster to find new loads.

Shippers and carriers can now work together to reduce or eliminate deadhead mileage.

Join an ag-first network.

Roger was made by ag leaders with input directly from shippers and carriers.

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How Roger works:

Today’s challenges demand a simple, modern solution.

1. Dispatch.

A load’s origin, destination and agreed-upon rate is entered into Roger’s dashboard. All loads are visible in the app.

2. Assign.

A carrier assigns a load to a trucker in their fleet or decides to haul the load themselves.

3. Haul.

The trucker drives to the site and verifies the load or unload quickly by taking photos of the paperwork. Shippers and carriers can immediately see photos in the dashboard.

4. Get paid.

When the load is complete, the carrier requests payment in the app. The shipper approves payment, and carriers can see when the check or ACH is on its way.
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