Meet the network that

never idles.

Roger® is technology that streamlines dry bulk transport by connecting the industry’s top shippers and carriers.


Unlock the power of your dry bulk shipping network with a game-changing app and digital dashboard.

Seamless ticket capture and filing.

Digitize everything—from deal negotiations to tickets and payments—and save time on administrative work.

Follow along in real time.

Use advanced GPS to track every load in progress, from dispatch to destination.

Experience true transparency.

Direct connections and better data deliver clearer load details.

Connect faster to find new deals.

Shippers and carriers can work together to increase efficiency of every mile.

Join a network built by industry leaders.

Roger was made by people with decades of experience in dry bulk trucking.

Leave inefficiency

in the dust.

How Roger works:

The future of dry bulk demands a simple, modern solution.

1. Deals.

Find, negotiate and accept deals directly in the network. Roger IQ helps by using industry data to suggest the best market rate.

2. Dispatch.

Once a load is approved, shippers dispatch it directly to a carrier, who assigns it to a trucker in their fleet or hauls it themselves.

3. Track.

Drivers digitally capture ticket info along the way that shippers can see in real time. GPS provides guidance for truckers and live updates on truck locations.

4. Pay.

After the haul is complete, carriers request payment directly in the app. Shippers can settle up through accounting integration—reducing errors and speeding up payments.

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