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The rise and fall of fuel prices. Here's how Roger helps.

Written by: Jay Weber

The constant rise of fuel prices since December 2021 will have a lasting effect on the freight trucking industry.

In July, a gallon of diesel in the US cost an average of $5.49. Although it’s $2 more than where we were this time in 2021, we are happy to see a pause in what seemed like a never-ending growth spurt. With the unstable economy and ongoing worldwide freight issues, our industry has seen a staggering average increase of more than 7% in fuel prices month over month since December 2021. The highest jump being a 23% increase in diesel prices between February 2022 and March 2022, as reported by Statista.

Although the industry had a sigh of relief at the pump last month, we know shippers, carriers, and brokers are still on edge wondering if prices will continue to rise or come back down. Especially those who have already been struggling with fuel prices in an industry where rates have remained relatively stagnant for years.

As we all continue to evaluate the market, carriers and brokers are becoming even more aware of the costs associated with each mile of their haul – making them hesitant to commit to future hauls. To offset this concern, carriers are accepting shorter hauls closer to home and are raising their rates to cover increased business costs.

As a national leader in providing innovative technology solutions for dry bulk trucking, we are constantly monitoring the state of the industry. In doing so, we found that technology continues to play a major role in boosting profit for shippers, carriers and brokers. That’s why we built Roger IQ and Roger Interchange: two products designed to help make quicker and more informed business decisions.

Roger IQ shows how your business is performing in real-time, as well as historically. Unlike other products, shippers, carriers, and brokers can benefit from Roger IQ’s AI and machine learning, allowing you to take actions that will benefit your bottom line immediately. Carriers and brokers can compare their current and previous activity to the market so you can make informed and profitable business decisions. Additionally, its insight on carrier and shipper performance allows you to take a deeper look into your business’s performance. Keeping your bottom dollar top of mind.

Roger Interchange, on the other hand, provides structure to your current business processes. Repetitive workflows and necessary communication should never interfere with your daily goals. That’s why Roger Interchange connects the industry’s top shippers, carriers and brokers together to communicate, negotiate, and send confirmations through a structured environment. With a digital audit trail, your team can better navigate through daily problem-solving situations and review comprehensive data points to keep your business moving.

We continue to build upon our solutions with the goal of making the end-to-end transport process more efficient than ever before. By giving you a tool to manage your day-to-day, you can proactively focus on building your business, giving you an upper hand in the competitive market. From clear and actionable analytics to AI and machine learning– we’ve got a solution.

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About the Author:

Jay Weber is the GM of commercial product and strategy at Roger. Jay is a highly-skilled, results-oriented leader with extensive experience in improving many aspects of a business’ performance. His knowledge spans from business management, impactful go-to-market strategies, successful partnerships and effective negotiations.

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