The new industry standard.

Roger is on a mission to bring transparency to dry bulk transport through a neutral network and innovative technology that benefits the entire industry.

Meet the technology that’s driving an industry forward.

A network that connects

Roger onRamp

Carriers create a single profile to store insurance, DOT and other certifications that makes onboarding with new shippers faster than ever.

Roger Deals

The Deals hub is a listing of all active loads and available capacity. Carriers and shippers can receive multiple bids, accept an offer in one click and use trackable negotiation tools to help them make the best moves for their business.

Roger Hauls

Shippers can dispatch loads directly to carriers in the app with all relevant details in one place.

On-the-road tools

Roger Locators
The end of “Where’s my truck?” calls. Carriers can access turn-by-turn guidance and route mapping, while shippers get a real-time map view of a truck’s location.
Planning & optimization
Advanced route-planning assists carriers in mapping non out-and-back patterns, while helping shippers save on backhauls.
Facility arrival management
Receive information about scheduling delays, updates and ETAs. Real-time facility data sends on-site alerts to drivers with shipper instructions for loading or unloading.

Efficient payments and better pay rates

Roger Transmissions

Create efficiencies through direct integration with industry-leading systems for both shippers and carriers.

Roger Exchanges

Accounting integrations allow for seamless payment requests and settlement between shippers and carriers.

Roger IQ

Our innovative technology aggregates industry data, makes recommendations to reduce clerical errors, provides insights on carrier and shipper performance, and more.

Roger’s story

The idea for Roger stemmed from one revolutionary question: Why does bulk freight trucking and shipping have to be so complicated and time-consuming? To answer it, these six charter members pooled their expertise and funds to build a common solution that would open market access and digitize supply chains. Together, they’re fueling Roger’s vision to help shippers and carriers unlock the power of bulk freight networks like never before.

“We saw an opportunity to create a neutral and secure solution that uses technology to organize data, create efficiencies, and connect shippers and carriers in a new, more transparent way.”

Jeff Schreiner, CEO

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