Frequently asked questions.

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Carriers that already work with Roger’s initial charter members are invited to register and use the app today. Roger is continuing to add new features for an industrywide launch later this year.

Currently users see where the load is in the payment cycle within the app—either submitted, approved or paid. Future versions of the app will include built-in payment features that further streamline the payment process.

Today registration is available via invitation from an integrated shipper. In the future any carrier or shipper will be able to set up an account by completing the registration process. Registration for carriers will include verifying insurance, licensing requirements, etc. Registration for shippers will include credit checks, etc.

Data privacy and security are top priorities for us. All participants are given full and irrevocable access to their own business data on the platform, and that data will never be used for purposes that are in conflict with those shippers and carriers.

Any future use of data would be in aggregate form, and only for the benefit of shippers and carriers on the platform.

A public, feature-rich rollout is expected in early 2021.

Roger will continue building tools that solve real-world shipping challenges through original, easy-to-use features. Planned enhancements include:

• Integration with FieldDirect™ (another Roger app) to follow your load’s location in real time

• Adding deal-making capabilities with the ability to quickly find and book loads and identify backhaul opportunities to reduce or eliminate deadhead mileage

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